Wedding Traditions Guests Could Go Without

Weddings are FULL of traditions. Some traditions are timeless, others are a fad. How do you decipher between the good, the¬†memorable and the ‘really, we have to do that?’ Ultimately, what traditions you include in your wedding day is a completely personal decision for you and your partner. Your wedding day should reflect you two and you two only¬†(granted you’ll likely throw some things in for the moms, dads, etc. to make them happy but that’s another story).

Today, we’re sharing with you guests opinions on wedding traditions. This is not to say EVERY guest feels the same way, but after the past decade, we’ve heard our fair share of feedback.

Below are some of the wedding traditions that your guests are quite okay saying goodbye to …

1. The Guest Book

Believe it or not, guests rarely notice when this part of the receiving table is missing. When they don’t have to stop and write the same thing as everyone else in a book, on a tree, etc., they simply do not even remember it’s a thing.

2. Waiting for a Drink until the Cocktail Reception

These days, couples are choosing to serve their guests a pre-ceremony drink, and it’s a FANTASTIC idea. Whether alcoholic or non, guests LOVE being greeted pre-ceremony with a beverage!

3. Bridal Party Entrances

Guests definitely want to cheer and welcome the couple into the reception! But not everyone knows the bridal party. Foregoing introducing each bridesmaid and groomsmen is something guests do not miss.

4. Bouquet and Garter Toss

Enough said.

5. Cutting the Cake

Similar to the guest book, guests do not seem to notice missing watching the couple cut the cake. With this said, they look to ooh and aw over the beautiful cakes but actually watching the couple cut into it, they don’t seem to have the same feelings!

Take time to think about what traditions feel right including in your day. The ones that feel like you’re doing because you have to, consider cutting out. Personalize your day as much as possible so that you and your soon-to-be can enjoy each and every moment. You’ve heard it before but the day really does fly by!

Have fun!

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