The Crazy is Back.

A few weeks ago, I introduced you my crazy recently engaged best friend, Carly (click here to be re-introduced). She’s ridiculously excited and has every reason to be. And in true JPE form, we’ve got her vendors locked down. We’ve booked her photographer, videographer, venue, flowers, DJ and more. Bonus: She has a SERIOUS in with Divine Furniture so planning the design of this wedding is going to be too much fun!

Crossing #1 off the list was the venue. When starting the search for their perfect venue, my girl was ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE. Much like every other bride-to-be. While you may have a venue in mind, once the question is popped, it’s real and it’s time to start asking the right questions:

  1. Can the venue hold the number of people we will be inviting?
  2. What is the cost per plate?
  3. What is included in the venue’s packages?
  4. Is there room for negotiation?
  5. Does the venue make sense, logistically, to where I want to get ready and where my guests are coming from?

And so much more. With Carly and John having family on both sides of Toronto, that meant we were either picking a place in the middle, or on one side. When Carly sent me the original short list of venues she wanted to check out, it was all over the place… different styles and looks, various ranges of price points, etc. It was clear to me we needed to narrow her focus. And, knowing Carly’s style, personality and what she was comfortable spending, we did this pretty quickly.

We narrowed the short list down to two top contending venues. Feeling a sense of connection is important to Carly and so choosing a venue that gave her those feelings was something I had to keep in mind.

First up was One King West. I suggested this venue because 1. the grand banking room was large enough to hold their guest list and has a simple-elegance about it I knew Carly would be drawn to and 2. Both Carly and John work in the financial industry, and One King West is an old bank. How adorable!

I’d had a wedding there before so I knew the food was incredible and the service was good as well. I also know they have a kick-ass suite for getting ready with a wrap-around balcony that is to die for! That said, I also know that there are a few other things to think about when looking at this venue: 1. The bathrooms during dinner are not located on the main floor, so guests have to take the stairs or an elevator to get tot them. Not a huge deal, but less than ideal. 2. The ceremony and cocktail hour would be on a different floor than dinner. Guests would be travelling throughout the hotel to get to the spaces and signage is not great. We’d have to have people stationed to guide guests because the worst thing is having guests frustrated with your wedding before it even starts! 3. Guests would be able to stay in the same hotel where the wedding is. So at 1:30 am, instead of hailing a cab they can stumble upstairs to their room. Serious points scored here.

Next up was Rattlesnake Golf & Country Club. Not going to lie, with visions of the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Cotton Factory, and Fermenting Cellar, I was a little surprised this one made top two. Nevertheless I was pumped. Again, I’ve worked at Rattlesnake before so I had the insider scoop. Plus Carly’s parents are members at the Club so they are comfortable with the space, not to mention the staff are familiar with them which is definitely a bonus. Service at this venue is superb, the food is great and the drive in to the clubhouse is breathtaking. A beautifully landscaped, winding road gives guests a sense of anticipation when they turn off the main road. The clubhouse has been renovated so the inside is tasteful, the bar is modern and the patio is legit to die for. As soon as we walked around back to the patio and I turned on the JPE factor, Carly and John were beaming with happiness. Plus Nance (Carly’s mom) was giddy with excitement, which made the feelings that much stronger. With the number of guests they anticipated, the bonus of full coverage, and a short enough aisle for Carly to feel comfortable, the patio would be the perfect spot for their I do’s. This pretty much sealed the deal. The connection for Carly was made, John was excited and we started brainstorming the decor.

So with that in the bag, #floodedwithlove is officially booked to be hitched: Saturday, October 14, 2017 at Rattlesnake Golf & Country Club! I’m actually giddy thinking about the details and decor but will save that for another day.



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