Teasers from This EPIC NYE Wedding …

Honestly … Cannot handle what went down last night. Ringing in the New Year with this couple, these guests and at this party was truly amazing. Sarah and Mark – you guys threw an EPIC NYE bash and you looked stunning. It was obvious by the love and genuine happiness that filled that room, you two are meant to be. Thank you for letting us be a part of this new chapter in your lives. It was truly a privilege.

Now, feast your eyes on a few teasers from Brian Reilly Photography and BONUS: a mini-highlight from Kindle & Coal Film Co! Ugh too many hearts in the eyes :)

slack-for-ios-upload-4 slack-for-ios-upload-6


slack-for-ios-upload-1 slack-for-ios-upload-2 slack-for-ios-upload-5 slack-for-ios-upload-3


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