Surviving Your Company Christmas Party

Alright people, it’s that time of year. Time to get really wasted in front of your boss and co-workers. If you want a new job that is. If you’re looking to keep your current position, and dignity, time to survive the company Christmas party by doing quite the opposite.

With the number of corporate events we’ve planned, we’ve seen our fair share of … let’s say ‘situations’. And it seems the corporate Christmas party is where we leave with the most memorable stories. So to help ensure you’re not the one everyone’s talking about Monday by the water cooler, we’ve put together 3 top tips for surviving this year’s company holiday party.

  1. Arrive with a full stomach. We all know that once we start to feel that holiday buzz, it’s hard to stop.  The best way to avoid feeling the effects of the first couple cocktails is to eat before you get there.
  2. Do not attempt to confront a work-crush at the party. This is not the time, nor the place and rarely ever ends well. We’ve more than cringed at the sight of this and we can’t imagine what Monday was like for the two involved.
  3.  Go prepared with social icebreakers and avoid office gossip. In a social setting, it’s easy to get-to-talking about others. Avoid this wherever you can. En route to the party, think about a few neutral topics you can discuss with people. Think sports, TV shows, home decor, and pets are ALWAYS a good idea.

Good luck folks!



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