My Perfect Day…

Last week I had the opportunity to share with the Burlington Downtown Business Association what #myperfectday would be downtown Burlington (#BurlON).  While there is always something going on, too many pretty things to see and a crazy amount of hidden treasures downtown #BurlON, I was forced narrow it down. Take a stroll with me through what would be my perfect day downtown Burlington…


Posted: Mar 13, 2014

“As a self-pro-claimed coffee snob, there is no doubt that my perfect day downtown Burlington would start at Tamp Coffee Co. Their appreciation for great coffee and organic coffee beans pulls at my heart strings on a daily basis.

I would grab an extra coffee to go and head around the corner to Salon Red, where I’d join my favourite stylist Kandis for a wash and blow-dry. Going in to Salon Red is a definite treat for me to relax and unwind. I look forward to every time I walk in there and Kandis is a star.


With the brisk, fall air blowing through my freshly styled hair, I would stroll over to Pure Organic Floral Boutique. Not only is everything in the store completely breathtaking in my eyes, the ladies are an absolute pleasure to visit. Whether I’m going in to swoon over all of their beautiful things or order personalized gifts for clients, I always leave feeling inspired with a full heart.

As if that wasn’t enough beauty for me, my next destination would be Fairhome on Brant Street. I always love the setup of their dining room table at the front of the store and am continuously on the lookout for new pieces of Brighton jewellery (my mom’s favourite jewellery and the only place I can find it locally).

My final stop on this perfect day would be at Pepperwood Bistro on Lakeshore. With a comfortable atmosphere and craft beer on tap, it is my favourite spot to enjoy a cold pint – the Pepperwood Framboise is my absolute favourite.


*Lovelies – if we EVER get rid of the snow and anyone wants to tag along, feel free to let me know 😉

♥  JP

Interested in submitting your own Perfect Day…

“We want to hear what your Perfect Day downtown sounds like.  Please send us your “itinerary” including 4 – 6 activities or stops along your way in 300 words or less.  You could have your itinerary featured on our website… and one random entry will win $500 to spend making their Perfect Day a reality.  Email your entry before March 31st to    Get all the contest details.”

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