Bling Wedding at Bellagio, byPeterandPauls, Vaughan

The 2014 wedding season was kicked off with a stellar couple! Kassandra and Matt started dating while they were both at Brock University. Matt, the hockey player, and Kass, the cheerleader, these two undoubtedly stopped bystanders in their tracks when they walked around campus together – they are absolutely stunning!  It’s impossible not to feel the deep love these two have for one another whenever they are together. Kass’s positive enthusiasm, cheerfulness and easy-going nature compliments Matt’s calm, wit and confidence just perfectly. Not to mention these two have gorgeous smiles that will make your heart melt!

Kass being the organized, energetic teacher she is, didn’t need a ton of help while planning their big day. And where she lacked in time to DIY, her incredibly talented sister & MOH, Kourtney far exceeded any of her expectations. Throughout the planning process, Kass entrusted JPE to guide and direct her with the many decor decisions she had to make.  Onsite, JPE took care of the backdrop and head table styling and decor.  Kass has expensive taste for decor so it was all hands on deck to ensure she got the look she wanted, at an appropriate price.  The result = truly breathtaking. Elegance at its max and a timeless wedding look she can admire for years and years. My favourite moment of the day was watching her and Matt’s first look of the room; I will cherish that moment always.

Now see for yourself what a truly magical day this was, all of it captured by Brian Reilly Photography…

Kass & Matt_006 Kass & Matt_010 Kass & Matt_044 Kass & Matt_026 Kass & Matt_029 Kass & Matt_031 Kass & Matt_109 Kass & Matt_117 Kass & Matt_125 Kass & Matt_130 Kass & Matt_135Kass & Matt_128 Kass & Matt_166 Kass & Matt_194 Kass & Matt_190 Kass & Matt_189 Kass & Matt_218 Kass & Matt_219 Kass & Matt_229 Kass & Matt_419 Kass & Matt_425 Kass & Matt_490 Kass & Matt_315 Kass & Matt_319 Kass & Matt_331 Kass & Matt_515 Kass & Matt_479 Kass & Matt_536 Kass & Matt_552 Kass & Matt_565   Kass & Matt_603 Kass & Matt_605 Kass & Matt_607 Kass & Matt_606 Kass & Matt_595 Kass & Matt_597 Kass & Matt_609 Kass & Matt_610 Kass & Matt_611 Kass & Matt_602 Kass & Matt_589 Kass & Matt_590 Kass & Matt_591 Kass & Matt_593 Kass & Matt_729 Kass & Matt_726 Kass & Matt_732 Kass & Matt_736 Kass & Matt_740 Kass & Matt_752 Kass & Matt_751 Kass & Matt_756 Kass & Matt_667 Kass & Matt_674 Kass & Matt_639 Kass & Matt_655 Kass & Matt_640  Kass & Matt_645 Kass & Matt_643 Kass & Matt_761 Kass & Matt_760 Kass & Matt_645 Kass & Matt_649 Kass & Matt_650 Kass & Matt_658 Kass & Matt_665 Kass & Matt_664 Kass & Matt_666


Kass & Matt – I cannot say enough how much I truly love you both. Your wedding day is definitely one for the books and I will forever treasure being a part of it! Thank you.

Kass & Matt_463 Kass & Matt_465


~ JP

Head Table Decor & Styling: JPE
Photography: Brian Reilly Photography
Venue: Bellagio, Vaughan
Furniture Rentals: Divine Furniture Rentals


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