Helpful Hints

Below are some helpful hints to keep in mind while you are planning your wedding! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Talk about the $$

Talk about numbers and settle on a budget. When settling on the budget be open and clear with those involved who want to help.  Try to get this conversation out of the way as soon as you can so you can move forward with the planning.

Set your priorities

Before getting deep into the planning, sit down as a couple and figure out what are the most important aspects of the big day to both of you. Be willing to spend a bit more on those items and a bit less on the items that are less important to you. For example, if you want to have a really great party and dance until the wee hours, invest a little more into a high class DJ or band and save on the invitations if they are less of a concern.

Be organized or outsource it!

You may not know it quite yet but the amount of details that goes into planning a wedding is unbelievable! With this forewarning, either get yourself organized and hire someone to help you! It doesn’t hurt to invest in someone that will take some of the stress of planning off of your hands and ensure you do not miss anything! Hiring a professional wedding planner  can be the best investment for your sanity throughout the engagement, during days leading up to the wedding and of course on the big day!  Contrary to the rumors, a wedding planner can also help you SAVE money!

Be open to compromise.

Although it appears the wedding is mainly about you and your fiancé, there are many others involved.  Your wedding day is just as important (and sometimes more) to your parents and families as well. You know what is most important to you so don’t be afraid to make a firm decision in those areas. However, if you are indifferent about certain things, like the style of cake you have for example, let someone else who wants to be involved help take the lead in that department.

Make it personal

Little touches that are personal to you and your fiancé are great to incorporate into the day. Think about things you like to do together, the first date you had, inspiration can come from anywhere in your relationship! Use that inspiration in the details of the day, the seating chart, the guest book or the place cards!

Bring a cover up

Something you probably don’t think about when going dress shopping with your ladies is the time in between trying on gowns. Make sure to bring a robe or cover up with you. Having something like this will ensure you are not trapped in the fitting room in your underwear! With a robe on hand, you can mingle with the girls and enjoy some champagne in between trying on those beautiful dresses.

Ceremony Decor

When planning what decor you would like to include in your ceremony, remember where the focus is.  Whether your ceremony is a sweet 20 minutes long or a full hour long mass, the attention is on you and your soon-to-be husband/wife. Simple, cost effective touches for the ceremony can go a long way – a few pew markers and two arrangements at the front is all you really need. Bonus: the arrangements at the front of the aisle can be reused in the reception space!

Number you RSVPs!

I have no doubt in my mind that you have heard this before – which is why I want to remind you AGAIN! Please save yourself the headache and give each RSVP a number on the back. You will be surprised by the number of responses either a) you do not get back, b) are filled out incorrectly, or c) have no names on them. With numbered RSVPs associated with each invitation, it will be a hell-of-a-lot easier to follow up with these people rather than searching, guessing and trying to figure it out.

Ask for references.

You are entrusting many people to carry out your big day – do not be afraid to ask for references. If they do not have any written recommendations (or ‘Sweet Words’) on their website, ask them to provide you with names and contact information for previous clients. Getting to know the people you are hiring will ensure you are able to relax on the big day knowing you have done your homework and they are the right fit for you.

Take a break!

Okay, if you are planning a wedding in 6 months you likely don’t have time for a break, but everyone else, take one! Get the big things out of the way and booked and give you and your fiancé a bit of breathing room. Right after the engagement and right before the wedding are obviously not ideal times but in between that, there is time. Go away for the weekend or even enjoy a staycation at the house, but promise to not talk about the wedding for that period of time.

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