Planning a Hamilton Tradeshow?

Planning, producing and executing a professional trade-show is a job all its own.  And if your company is considering planning a GTA or Hamilton tradeshow, you’ve stumbled upon the right site.

Hamilton tradeshow

We’re going to give you some insider information for your GTA and Hamilton Tradeshow …

There are countless reasons to plan a tradeshow and you must be very clear and confident about the reasons you are planning one.  Tradeshow planning takes an entire team.  It takes a tremendous amount of work, insight, hours of attention, and more.  At JP Events, we suggest you take the time to make sure you are crystal clear on your goals before you begin planning.  Ask yourself some questions..

Are you building brand loyalty?  Are you introducing a new product, service, or technology?  Are you planning a tradeshow in order to sell product, connect suppliers or promote your industry?  

We recently worked with Gerrie Electric to celebrate 60 successful years in business by planning and executing two consumer trade-shows. Through Gerrie’s excellent vendor service and attention to detail in customer acquisition, the trade-shows were a huge success, for a variety of reasons.

In addition to on-site event management, JP Events took on venue procurement and negotiations, which included working with a variety of partners, including Hahn Rentals.

Quick shout out to Hahn Rentals. From the start to finish, the service Hahn Rentals provided was, well…incredible. Running a service-based business, you can trust we notice this sort of thing. If you’re looking for a trade-show rental supplier in Hamilton or the surrounding area, go see Hahn Rentals first.

Picking The Right Tradeshow Venue

Depending on the size of your tradeshow, procuring a venue can be tricky.  Parking, accommodations, load-in, and capacity are just a few of the key items that need to be assessed.  In the Hamilton-Burlington area, the option for venues for large tradeshows is slim and sometimes you need to get creative.  Since options are limited, pricing and terms could be unfavorable to your organization. This is something a seasoned event planner will be able to spot for you immediately.

Through our years of experience, we have also found that when working with venues, the salesperson is not necessarily the planning assistant OR the on-site manager at the event. We bring this up because when you are working with 1-2, and in some cases 4-5, sales-people/coordinators, the planning process can be very convoluted. Consistent and accurate information is affected, communication and details become lost in translation, which often leads items to fall through the cracks.

This scenario is more common when working with larger venues, which is why the experience of a dedicated event planner working consistently with you throughout the planning of a tradeshow in Hamilton or the GTA is vital to success. The difference between a good tradeshow and a GREAT tradeshow is working with someone who knows what a tradeshow planning timeline looks like and someone who has the foresight to anticipate and problem solve through venue challenges.



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