Office Manager Turned Corporate Event Planner- Hamilton Banquet

No, You will not be compensated to plan the next corporate event or find a Hamilton banquet venue. Yes, they will expect it done professionally and effectively.

Congratulations! You’ve been tasked with planning and/or sourcing a Hamilton banquet venue for the upcoming Hamilton banquet event. You are now the office ‘ corporate event planner ‘ for no extra compensation … Fun, right? Not so much. Let us try to help you out here.

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Whether you are working with a committee or making the decisions on your own, we’re going to try and help you save time and make you look good. Below are the beginning steps of a planning your Hamilton banquet venue search. Starting here will help you prepare for how this whole corporate event planning thing you’ve been tasked with …

Getting Started

Before anything, you need to find out some critical event information:
1. Number of expected guests
2. Budget – you likely won’t know a solid number, so a range or a max. number to stay below will be extremely helpful
3. Food & Beverage – are you feeding guests a full dinner or just apps? Will alcohol be served and who will be paying for that?
4. Entertainment Components – live music? magicians? etc.

Shopping for your Event Venue

First real to-do: Finding a local Hamilton banquet venue to host your company event. Easy enough, you’ll just Google ‘ Hamilton Banquet Venue ‘ and make a decision. Not so much. The number of hits/options these google searches return is bound to overwhelm, not to mention, the options don’t give you the real information you need to make a decision!

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your event venue:
1.  Capacity
2. Highway Accessibility / Close Accommodations -are people coming from out of town?
3. Parking
4. What’s Included? (ie: tables, chairs, AV, etc.)

Warning: This is where the work becomes more laborious and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Contacting venues to get information on availability, capacity, pricing, etc. begins a long-winded game of email ping-pong. For assistance with this step, click here.

Booking Services

Once you secure your venue and date, it’s time to get the right service providers in place:
1. Entertainment – a DJ is always a great option for company events because they can play a wide range of music
2. Photography – whether it’s someone to take candid photos or set up a photo-booth, it’s always a great idea to capture the evening
3. Decor – for company events where decor isn’t typically a priority, opt for simple but effective pieces and consider decor that can double as guest favours for people to take home with them (this also makes your tear-down and event clean-up easier!)


Chill.  Yes, it’s okay to take some time to focus on your ACTUAL job vs. your free-event-planning-tasks! Once your venue and vendors are booked, you’re good to put this on the back burner until a couple months pre-event.

Two months before the event, start re-connecting with your vendors to firm up the details and prepare an execution plan event day. Because you hired trustworthy, recommended vendors, they should know exactly what they need from you in order to execute. For yourself, determine if you will need to enlist other staff members to volunteer for setup, what time you need to be on-site, what you need to do during the event and tear-down. Draft a schedule for the day which should include all the important timeline, setup details and vendor contact information, just in case.

Events are full of details, decisions, confirmations, and so much more. Reach out if you have corporate event planning questions or need more information about Hamilton banquet venues that would be right for you!



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