Event Venue: 3 Crucial Questions When Searching For Yours

Meagan and Duncan

When looking for your event venue…

There are important items that need to be taken into consideration.   Other than capacity, parking and accommodations, you’ll want to ask these 3 questions BEFORE booking your event venue.

Your venue is typically your largest expense. With that known, before you pull the trigger, it’s a good idea to find out answers to the following questions. With a better idea of the ins and outs of your potential venue, you will feel more comfortable about booking that large expense:

  1.  Pricing:  Is there a flat room rental fee? Do you bill by the hour or by the day? Are there discounts for certain dates or times? If I’m ordering food and beverage, is the room rental fee waived?
  2. How many events are taking place at the same time as mine?  Perhaps you want to be the only event on the scene that day.  If there is a second event, additional signage may need to be accounted for  to avoid confusion for your guests.
  3. Will I be working with the same person throughout my event planning? If not, when can I meet the person I will be working with and will it be the same person on the day of my event? In some venues, if the turnover of staff is high, there’s a reason for it so be mindful of this.

Once you pull the trigger on booking your event venue, there will be LOTS of details to work out. Typically, communication will cease for a bit until your event nears. That being said, for your planning purposes, it’s important to find out the answers to the questions below right after you book:

  1. What are my setup and tear-down times? Can I come in the day before to set up or sound check? Do I have to have everything removed that day or can I come back the next day?
  2. Can I be introduced to the individual who will be present at the venue on the day of my event?
  3. Can you send me sample floor plans of how previous clients set up the rooms?
  4. Is there anything else I should know about the space? For example, if there is a large section of the space with floor-to-ceiling windows, where does the sun rise and set? Will that affect my event and/or my photos?

Events and weddings are so much fun and we absolutely LOVE what we do! Monday to Friday we go on site visits, find new venues and experience new spaces on behalf of our clients. If it’s a venue you’re interested in, likely we’ve planned an event there and we have the inside scoop!  Have a question, Contact Us to ask.

We’re so happy to share some insider information about planning with you but for those of you who need some professional assistance, let us know!



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