Easy Wedding Planning Tasks for Your Partner

Whether you’ve been engaged for 1 month or 8, you’re not alone if you feel like your partner isn’t helping much with the wedding planning. Typically, the majority of the wedding planning tasks fall on the shoulders of one person.

While there are items we recommend are MUST DO’s together, today, we’re giving you 3 tasks to delegate to your partner.  Handing off these tasks won’t hold you up from the countless other to-do’s on the list and *hopefully* they will do them without too much complaining!

Here we go …

1. Physically Mail the Invitations
Give them the invitations a week earlier than you’d actually like them mailed, just in case.

2. Pick the Late Night Food 
Provide them with 2-3 options from the menu and let them make the final decision.

3. Choose the Booze
Give them the package options from the venue and ask them to review. Ask them to specifically review the variety and type of alcohol being served and allow them to choose – Grey Goose or Titos?  Coors Light or Bud Light? You get it!

Bonus Wedding Planning tasks to consider handing off:

Contacting the venues you are interested in to book tours
Keeping track of wedding payments (ie: calendar when deposits and final payments are due)
Buying gifts for parents

The entire wedding planning process, albeit stressful and a lot of work, is also a lot of fun! Do some things together, delegate where you can and do your best to enjoy it all!

Good luck!

wedding planning tasks

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