Organizing the Company BBQ? 3 Things to Remember

So they put you in charge of organizing this summer’s Company BBQ did they?
We know you’re not an event planner by trade, so we’d like to offer 3 important things to consider as you pull it all together:

company bbq
  1. Location: company property = company liability. Consider hosting at an off-site location but be mindful of the weather. Is the location covered? Is this a rain or shine event? Do you have to splurge for a tent? In any case, give directions to all guests and ensure signage is clear and visible when guests arrive so they know exactly where to go.
  2. Refreshments: you can never have too much. Whether you’re serving alcohol or not, do not skimp on the beverages. While alcohol is a nice-to-serve vs. a need-to-serve, ensure that is clear on the invitation to employees. Furthermore, consider foregoing the liability of serving alcohol and make it a BYOB for those that must indulge in a day-time beverage.
  3. Food: we strongly encourage you to splurge for a caterer vs. potluck. If cost is an issue, notify employees that instead of making everyone bring a dish, you will be collecting $15-$20 towards hiring a caterer. The employees will thank you, the food will be better and no one has to clean up!

Signage, entertainment, games, giveaways … there’s lots more that goes into planning the company BBQ and perhaps next year you collect $25 per person to cover the cost of a planner as well 😉

Good luck and have fun!


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