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Lindsay + JP … a barn wedding dreams are made of!

Not sure where to start with these two. Two incredibly genuine and kind individuals, truly dream clients! Lindsay and JP planned an incredible wedding day #thatnightinaugust  A day jam-packed with of love, beautiful decor, perfect weather and tons of thoughtful details. Lindsay and JP were extremely hands on with each and every planning detail; which is necessary when… Read more »

Inspiration for Your Upcoming Winter Wedding

Winter weddings truly are for brave couples! While we cannot control mother nature in the summer, in the winter, she poses many more threats: snow or ice storms, transportation issues, frigid temperatures, and so on! So, to all of you courageous couples getting married over the next few months in this unpredictable Canadian winter weather, we… Read more »

Spring Wedding at The Burroughes, Toronto

Better late than never to show off wedding photos right?! Especially when the couple is this cute, the bride’s dress it to die for and the bouquet is show-stopping! Not to mention the love that filled this entire day is evident in the photos captured by White Spruce Photography. Now, before we show you the good… Read more »

Wedding Traditions Guests Could Go Without

Weddings are FULL of traditions. Some traditions are timeless, others are a fad. How do you decipher between the good, the memorable and the ‘really, we have to do that?’ Ultimately, what traditions you include in your wedding day is a completely personal decision for you and your partner. Your wedding day should reflect you two… Read more »

Easy Wedding Planning Tasks for Your Partner

Whether you’ve been engaged for 1 month or 8, you’re not alone if you feel like your partner isn’t helping much with the wedding planning. Typically, the majority of the wedding planning tasks fall on the shoulders of one person. While there are items we recommend are MUST DO’s together, today, we’re giving you 3 tasks to delegate… Read more »