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this is my …

Are you a newly engaged GTA fiance? Let’s talk about it. Okay, this is going to be short and sweet … Can we have a quick conversation about the term ‘fiance’? The more and more people I talk to say the same thing: they feel weird using the word. Maybe it’s the people I’m talking to… Read more »

Hamilton Corporate Events

Although we rarely promote our corporate work on social media, we do our fair share! It’s a side of the business that doesn’t have as many flowers or dresses, but we love it. And while most of our corporate gigs are in Burlington, we want to give a shout-out to Hamilton.  If you’re responsible for… Read more »

That Blond Girl with the Pink Lips …

Yea her … That’s Courtney and she’s one-of-a-kind. A few weeks ago, we gave this girl some social media love and today, we want to give our Courtney even more! This girl here is a beautiful soul making waves with JPE. From needing a model for #shesaidicouldwearitagain to helping out with day-of coordination clients,  she has dug her heels… Read more »

It’s Not Just About the Details

It is absolutely crazy the number of details that go into planning a wedding. I don’t think people truly realize how many details go into that one day until they are deep into the wedding planning trenches. Or until meeting with your day-of coordinator for those bride’s that enlist one. And thinking about all of those… Read more »

So My Best Friend Got Engaged… And She’s Crazy!

Totally kidding. Not about the engagement part, just about the crazy part. Ladies and gentlemen…Introducing Carly Cloutier: lover of love, life of the party, left-hand-loving bride-to-be, and a wedding-planners worst nightmare (nothing but love girl. Nothing.But.Love). #truthbomb: an indecisive bride-to-be is a lot more work than a decisive one. My friends, on Saturday, October 14,… Read more »