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Event Planner Service that starts with YOU

An event planner service that starts with YOU!   It takes hundreds of hours to plan and execute a major event.  If you’re adding the responsibility on top of your regular job, it can be overwhelming.  Often times, people who come to us aren’t entirely aware of what we do.  Though there are so many… Read more »

Event Venue: 3 Crucial Questions When Searching For Yours

When looking for your event venue… There are important items that need to be taken into consideration.   Other than capacity, parking and accommodations, you’ll want to ask these 3 questions BEFORE booking your event venue. Your venue is typically your largest expense. With that known, before you pull the trigger, it’s a good idea to… Read more »

Teasers from This EPIC NYE Wedding …

Honestly … Cannot handle what went down last night. Ringing in the New Year with this couple, these guests and at this party was truly amazing. Sarah and Mark – you guys threw an EPIC NYE bash and you looked stunning. It was obvious by the love and genuine happiness that filled that room, you… Read more »

Hamilton Event Venues

Whether you are an office administrator tasked to find the best GTA and Hamilton event venues or a seasoned event professional, one thing remains true.  Everyone needs help.  The amount of help will differ from person to person.  But make no mistake about it, everyone needs a team to rely on. From searching for GTA… Read more »

AKA Engagement Season

You’re heard it 100 times over, the Christmas holidays are often synonymous with ‘engagement season’. And why shouldn’t it be?! For most of us, it’s one of the most joyful times of the year! We’re carving out more time to spend with family and friends, work is a little bit more laid back and it’s… Read more »