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Office Manager Turned Corporate Event Planner- Hamilton Banquet

No, You will not be compensated to plan the next corporate event or find a Hamilton banquet venue. Yes, they will expect it done professionally and effectively. Congratulations! You’ve been tasked with planning and/or sourcing a Hamilton banquet venue for the upcoming Hamilton banquet event. You are now the office ‘ corporate event planner ‘ for… Read more »

Event Venue: 3 Crucial Questions When Searching For Yours

When looking for your event venue… There are important items that need to be taken into consideration.   Other than capacity, parking and accommodations, you’ll want to ask these 3 questions BEFORE booking your event venue. Your venue is typically your largest expense. With that known, before you pull the trigger, it’s a good idea to… Read more »

Surviving Your Company Christmas Party

Alright people, it’s that time of year. Time to get really wasted in front of your boss and co-workers. If you want a new job that is. If you’re looking to keep your current position, and dignity, time to survive the company Christmas party by doing quite the opposite. With the number of corporate events… Read more »

An Unforgettable Tea Party for Ana

A couple months ago I had one of the most rewarding and honouring experiences of my event coordinating career thus far. While it is clear I have a passion for weddings, the emotions I felt for this event were overwhelming! It was a genuine and surreal experience, a true honour and privilege to be a part of. Back in May,… Read more »

Ancaster Wedding Show & JPE!

I’m excited to announce that JPE will be a vendor at the upcoming Ancaster Wedding Show at Night on March 21st! It will be the first wedding show JPE has participated in and I could not have picked a more perfect one for JPE.  The AWS has a boutique feel to it that caters to… Read more »