That Blond Girl with the Pink Lips …

blond girl

Yea her … That’s Courtney and she’s one-of-a-kind. A few weeks ago, we gave this girl some social media love and today, we want to give our Courtney even more!

This girl here is a beautiful soul making waves with JPE. From needing a model for #shesaidicouldwearitagain to helping out with day-of coordination clients,  she has dug her heels right in. I never imagined the feelings of relief and confidence a person could give me when it came to JPE.

As all you entrepreneurs / small business owners / lady boss’ know … running a business is hard-work. It is a total grind (preach right?!). And the idea of hiring someone, letting go of a part of your business, big or small, makes one extremely anxious. This was me. Over the last year, we knew we were moving into the direction of needing to hire someone to help us out. While Anthony joined the business full-time in May and takes care of the strategic planning, finances, projections, etc. that didn’t relieve me much of the day-to-day planning and servicing clients. Our plans included seriously upping our client experience (yyeaaa baby!) and further narrowing in on the JPE brand as a whole. For those a couple steps ahead of me, you know how much fun that is but also how much work it takes. Insert that blond girl with the pink lips!

With the wedding blues in full effect (her and me both, as we got married only one week apart), Court started poking her head around JPE in June after we helped her with her wedding. So far, she has been invaluable for so many reasons. She helps me talk out logistics, she’s a perfect brain to bounce ideas off of, she’s forward thinking, she takes initiative, she’s smart and above all, our clients love her! She is an total asset and we are beyond grateful!

So to our Courtney – let’s see what kind of magic we can create together. Look out brides, with this new gem in our back-pocket, we are sure to blow minds!!! What what!!

Thanks for listening!

Until next time lovelies ..


~ JPD (still figuring out this whole name change thing… LOL. We’ll see how it goes)


It’s Not Just About the Details

It is absolutely crazy the number of details that go into planning a wedding. I don’t think people truly realize how many details go into that one day until they are deep into the wedding planning trenches. Or until meeting with your day-of coordinator for those bride’s that enlist one. And thinking about all of those details often leaves us forgetting about some of the other things that are involved in a wedding …

The relationships and the moments.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the colour of the napkins or the way the cake is displayed or what song you enter into the reception to aren’t important. I’m just saying that these things aren’t AS important.

Hear me out.

Who was the first man who told you he loved you?
Who taught you how to shave your legs?
Who spied on you and your friends in the basement playing school, or dress up or house?
Who told you funny stories of your parents when they were younger?
Who snuck you treats when you were grounded?
Who grounded you?
Who let you borrow their clothes?
Who listened to you during your first heart break?
Who made up silly dances with you?

the list could go on forever.

It’s the people that make the moments and moments make memories. Your wedding day should be made up of moments. Your mom, your step-dad, your sister, your brother-in-law, your grandpa, your oma … moments with your nearest + dearest.










So I challenge each and every bride-to-be. Whether your wedding is in two weeks (crunch time!) or in two years, take a moment.  Plan for the people vs. the details.  Think about the pride your father is going to feel walking you down the aisle. Set aside a moment with him before you get to that aisle. Think about the joy your siblings are feeling just being there on the day with you. Set aside a moment to share that joy with them. Think about how grateful your grandparents feel being able to share this day with their grandchild. Set aside a moment to tell them how grateful you are too.

Brides. Consider the challenge extended …


**just ONE of my fav moments from our day …  😍 😍 😍


Photo Cred:
Bride + Father by Tara McMullen Photography
Mother + Son by Tara McMullen Photography
Bride + Best Friend by Jay Gunter Photography
Mother + Bride by Renaissance Studios
Bride + Bridesmaids by Danielle Wilson
Groom + Brother by Brian Reilly Photography
Excited bride + hot mom by Brian Reilly Photography


So My Best Friend Got Engaged… And She’s Crazy!

Totally kidding. Not about the engagement part, just about the crazy part.

Ladies and gentlemen…Introducing Carly Cloutier: lover of love, life of the party, left-hand-loving bride-to-be, and a wedding-planners worst nightmare (nothing but love girl. Nothing.But.Love).

carly-down-the-aisle#truthbomb: an indecisive bride-to-be is a lot more work than a decisive one.

My friends, on Saturday, October 14, 2017, not only do I play the role of wedding planner, but of maid-of-honour! That’s right! My first gig as an MOH! And I.Can’t.Wait!

Now all jokes aside, this girl here is my person (I’m actually already welling up, I don’t know how I’m going to speak at her wedding). To keep my forehead-cry-vein in check and attempt to maintain my composure on the day of, I’m grateful to have a co-MOH beside me. Thanks Mich.

Not only does Carly have the biggest heart, she continually puts everyone before herself, no matter what. So much so that I often give her shit for not making herself a priority every once in a while. She is kind, she is hilarious, she is truly one-of-a-kind and I am beyond lucky to have her in my life. And with all that said, I could not be happier, more excited and straight-up PUMPED for the next 12 months of all things wedding. She has found herself the most perfect man so now we start planning their perfect day.

So today, it’s short and sweet but this is not the last you will see of our dear friend Carly. I’m going to be blogging along side her throughout the next year, both as her planner and MOH. It’s going to be interesting playing both roles but I cannot wait for it. Rest assured, I’ll be sharing everything. The good, the great , the crazy, and so much more. No holds bar.

That’s it for now lovelies …

Cloutch – it’s ride or die babe 😉 If I can make you feel half as special as you made me feel throughout all of my wedding-ness, I will accomplish my goal. Love you to the moon. 352 days. 9 hours. 54 minutes. (see I can join in on your craziness too!) 


P.S. Carly asked me to be her MOH in the cutest way ever, stay tuned for the details!




BTS – Life of a Wedding Planner

As promised, this week we’re going to give you a peek into some behind-the-scenes experiences of JPE.  Last week, we revealed that being wedding planners, we’ve seen some … let’s say ‘funky’ things happen behind-the-scenes. And in our effort to let it all hang out, we’re airing those not-so-beautiful wedding moments.


**We’d like to preface the next bit by saying that everything mentioned below is for the purpose of educating future brides. By no means are we drawing attention to these issues for any other purpose. Our goal on the day-of the wedding is to ensure none of our brides know these things have happened in the background. 


Now, just before I get into the details, I’ll tell you that when it comes to a wedding day, the back-end is a clusterfuck! All of the vendors are doing their thing but a lot of times there is grey-area around who is supposed to do what. One of the benefits of hiring a company like JPE or KJ and Co. or Laura Olsen Events, is we make sure that grey-area doesn’t exist. If something needs to get done, we get it done, whether it’s supposed to be ‘our job’ or not. Whatever it takes to make your day go off without a hitch, we’re going to do it. If one of the vendors is dropping the ball, which happens OFTEN, we make sure we pick it up.

And with that said, below are just a few of the things us coordinators at JPE have had to do or deal with in the background to make sure our client’ ‘wedding days are flawless on the front end:

  • Remove garbage from the ceremony site (Yes, even at the high end venues we have had to do this!)
  • Not enough chairs ordered for the ceremony
  • Ran out of white wine during the cocktail reception
  • Run out to get milk and cream for the late night coffee station
  • No equipment rented for the band the night before the wedding
  • Filthy bar full of used glassware, napkins, used lemons and more 10 minutes before reception begins
  • Florist forgot the number of bouquets required for the bridal party
  • Lack of staff and directional signage for guests throughout venue
  • Limo company doesn’t have white limo bride ordered but instead only has black
  • Rings forgotten for the ceremony (used Jackie’s ring and a groomsmen’s band!)
  • Florist bailed two days prior to the wedding
  • Too few centerpieces ordered for the tables
  • Napkins not folded the way the bride requested
  • Put $1,400 on personal credit card in a church parking lot to make sure the limo would take the bridal party (K.J & Co.)
  • Gave Officiant black shoes right off her own feet  (K.J & Co. – what a rock-star eh?)

And so much more!

Now, we ask you … if we were not on-site to take care of these things, who would have? With that note, click here for a copy of our 2017 wedding packages. Wedding details are endless and with endless details there is always potential for confusion, mishaps and so much more.

It’s the feelings you had on your wedding day that you will remember after your wedding is over. Be relaxed. Be happy. Be confident.


~ JP


wedding planner

Wedding Education 101

Sometimes, at Jackie Penner Events, a lot of our consultations turn into what feels a little like a wedding education-session. And while we love it, it makes us realize how much uncertainty and confusion newly engaged couples experience when it comes to starting their wedding planning journey.

With that in mind, we’re taking it upon ourselves to help clear the air, eliminate some confusion and help bride-to-be’s navigate this crazy world of weddings. Keep an eye on our blog here and the blog over at The Confident Bride where we’re going to be sharing some inside information about the wedding industry through the eyes of the planner.  We hope that by laying it all out on the table, couples will see the importance of 1. hiring qualified and competent vendors 2. making thoughtful scheduling decisions and 3. making the most of the dollars you got!

Now obviously, we’re wedding planners, so it makes sense to start with our side of the industry. Let’s start with some of the reasons couples convince themselves out of hiring a wedding planner:

  • Why would I need one, I can do it myself
  • Unnecessary, I can find answers to my questions online
  • My friend got married already so she’ll help me with everything
  • Added expense I can’t afford
  • A wedding planner will take over my wedding
  • My other vendors said I could do without
  • My mom and bridesmaids can make sure everything goes as planned on the day
  • I have a venue coordinator
  • I helped my friend plan her wedding so I already know everything

and so on and so on…

Because of these common misconceptions, along with many more, it is a challenge for wedding planners to effectively communicate their worth through social media posts and a website.  For wedding planners, it’s all about the experience we give our clients.  Yes the language we use in our marketing reflects our goals, but when it comes down to it, we want to make sure our clients experience a flawless day. We want to make sure they experience the moments on their wedding day with the most important people in their life. We want to make sure their closest friends and family experience the moments with them, instead of worrying about who’s setting up the decor or if the band has everything they need and so on.

For those couples who hire a wedding planner, we often hear  “you were the best money I spent on this wedding” and “our day would not have been a success without you!” And while the first-look was perfection, the ceremony was beautiful, the speeches were hilarious, and the food was hot & delicious, without a wedding coordinator, you may be stuck with wedding memories not as meaningful.

Next week, we’re going to take you through some behind-the-scenes moments JPE has been through over the last couple of years. And while there is the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, you can bet our brides were 1. unaware of the bad and the ugly and 2. remember their wedding day as the best day ever!

Until next week my lovelies…


~ JP


wedding education