Easy Wedding Planning Tasks for Your Partner

Whether you’ve been engaged for 1 month or 8, you’re not alone if you feel like your partner isn’t helping much with the wedding planning. Typically, the majority of the wedding planning tasks fall on the shoulders of one person.

While there are items we recommend are MUST DO’s together, today, we’re giving you 3 tasks to delegate to your partner.  Handing off these tasks won’t hold you up from the countless other to-do’s on the list and *hopefully* they will do them without too much complaining!

Here we go …

1. Physically Mail the Invitations
Give them the invitations a week earlier than you’d actually like them mailed, just in case.

2. Pick the Late Night Food 
Provide them with 2-3 options from the menu and let them make the final decision.

3. Choose the Booze
Give them the package options from the venue and ask them to review. Ask them to specifically review the variety and type of alcohol being served and allow them to choose – Grey Goose or Titos?  Coors Light or Bud Light? You get it!

Bonus Wedding Planning tasks to consider handing off:

Contacting the venues you are interested in to book tours
Keeping track of wedding payments (ie: calendar when deposits and final payments are due)
Buying gifts for parents

The entire wedding planning process, albeit stressful and a lot of work, is also a lot of fun! Do some things together, delegate where you can and do your best to enjoy it all!

Good luck!

wedding planning tasks

Planning a Hamilton Tradeshow?

Planning, producing and executing a professional trade-show is a job all its own.  And if your company is considering planning a GTA or Hamilton tradeshow, you’ve stumbled upon the right site.

Hamilton tradeshow

We’re going to give you some insider information for your GTA and Hamilton Tradeshow …

There are countless reasons to plan a tradeshow and you must be very clear and confident about the reasons you are planning one.  Tradeshow planning takes an entire team.  It takes a tremendous amount of work, insight, hours of attention, and more.  At JP Events, we suggest you take the time to make sure you are crystal clear on your goals before you begin planning.  Ask yourself some questions..

Are you building brand loyalty?  Are you introducing a new product, service, or technology?  Are you planning a tradeshow in order to sell product, connect suppliers or promote your industry?  

We recently worked with Gerrie Electric to celebrate 60 successful years in business by planning and executing two consumer trade-shows. Through Gerrie’s excellent vendor service and attention to detail in customer acquisition, the trade-shows were a huge success, for a variety of reasons.

In addition to on-site event management, JP Events took on venue procurement and negotiations, which included working with a variety of partners, including Hahn Rentals.

Quick shout out to Hahn Rentals. From the start to finish, the service Hahn Rentals provided was, well…incredible. Running a service-based business, you can trust we notice this sort of thing. If you’re looking for a trade-show rental supplier in Hamilton or the surrounding area, go see Hahn Rentals first.

Picking The Right Tradeshow Venue

Depending on the size of your tradeshow, procuring a venue can be tricky.  Parking, accommodations, load-in, and capacity are just a few of the key items that need to be assessed.  In the Hamilton-Burlington area, the option for venues for large tradeshows is slim and sometimes you need to get creative.  Since options are limited, pricing and terms could be unfavorable to your organization. This is something a seasoned event planner will be able to spot for you immediately.

Through our years of experience, we have also found that when working with venues, the salesperson is not necessarily the planning assistant OR the on-site manager at the event. We bring this up because when you are working with 1-2, and in some cases 4-5, sales-people/coordinators, the planning process can be very convoluted. Consistent and accurate information is affected, communication and details become lost in translation, which often leads items to fall through the cracks.

This scenario is more common when working with larger venues, which is why the experience of a dedicated event planner working consistently with you throughout the planning of a tradeshow in Hamilton or the GTA is vital to success. The difference between a good tradeshow and a GREAT tradeshow is working with someone who knows what a tradeshow planning timeline looks like and someone who has the foresight to anticipate and problem solve through venue challenges.



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Hamilton Tent Rentals – MUST KNOWS when hosting a Tented Event

Need a Hamilton Tent Rental supplier?  There are many things to consider when hosting a tented event in Burlington or Hamilton, on private or public property. Essentially, you are creating an event venue without the built in necessities.

hamilton tent rentals

There are many Hamilton tent rental companies to potentially work with. Quality of product and service is how they differ and where their pricing fits in the market. Do you have time to call/email each one, book and attend multiple site visits and wait for quotes to compare? Enter the professionals.

hamilton tent rentals hamilton tent rentals

Here are a few things to consider when looking to book a tent rental in Burlington or Hamilton:

  1. Size Matters: While the number of people you are looking to host inside the tent is important, there are a variety of additional event components that need to be considered. What style of event are you hosting, do you need space for a dance-floor and more!
  2. Light: When the sun goes down, where will the light come from?
  3. Power: Those lights need power … and so does the music and fan and and and !
  4. Temperature: You can’t control the weather so you’ll need to control

See what we mean about creating your own venue?! We’re here to help!


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Outdoor Tented Wedding, Hamilton ON


The past 6 months we’ve seen the most unpredictable weather ever. But for Jara & Scott, they lucked out with the most perfect day for their outdoor ceremony & tented reception. The sun was out, the clouds were minimal and there was a beautiful brisk breeze. Guests were comfortable both exploring the property and while enjoying a delicious dinner under the clear tent. Check out the magic of their day captured by Jacqueline Rose Photography.

JaraScottWedding0177 JS054

We love when photographers capture the authentic reactions to speeches … the nose crunches, the eye’s closed smiles and belly laughs. Also, can we just say this first dance location is EPIC!

JS080 JS079


Photography: Jacqueline Rose Photography
Venue: West Avenue Cider House
Catering: Quatrefoil Restaurant
Tent & Chairs: Complete Rent-Alls
Ceremony Arch/Table Numbers: Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co.
Flowers:  SG Flowers 

Summer |
| Elegant Country

Office Manager Turned Corporate Event Planner- Hamilton Banquet

No, You will not be compensated to plan the next corporate event or find a Hamilton banquet venue. Yes, they will expect it done professionally and effectively.

Congratulations! You’ve been tasked with planning and/or sourcing a Hamilton banquet venue for the upcoming Hamilton banquet event. You are now the office ‘ corporate event planner ‘ for no extra compensation … Fun, right? Not so much. Let us try to help you out here.

hamilton banquet


Whether you are working with a committee or making the decisions on your own, we’re going to try and help you save time and make you look good. Below are the beginning steps of a planning your Hamilton banquet venue search. Starting here will help you prepare for how this whole corporate event planning thing you’ve been tasked with …

Getting Started

Before anything, you need to find out some critical event information:
1. Number of expected guests
2. Budget – you likely won’t know a solid number, so a range or a max. number to stay below will be extremely helpful
3. Food & Beverage – are you feeding guests a full dinner or just apps? Will alcohol be served and who will be paying for that?
4. Entertainment Components – live music? magicians? etc.

Shopping for your Event Venue

First real to-do: Finding a local Hamilton banquet venue to host your company event. Easy enough, you’ll just Google ‘ Hamilton Banquet Venue ‘ and make a decision. Not so much. The number of hits/options these google searches return is bound to overwhelm, not to mention, the options don’t give you the real information you need to make a decision!

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your event venue:
1.  Capacity
2. Highway Accessibility / Close Accommodations -are people coming from out of town?
3. Parking
4. What’s Included? (ie: tables, chairs, AV, etc.)

Warning: This is where the work becomes more laborious and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Contacting venues to get information on availability, capacity, pricing, etc. begins a long-winded game of email ping-pong. For assistance with this step, click here.

Booking Services

Once you secure your venue and date, it’s time to get the right service providers in place:
1. Entertainment – a DJ is always a great option for company events because they can play a wide range of music
2. Photography – whether it’s someone to take candid photos or set up a photo-booth, it’s always a great idea to capture the evening
3. Decor – for company events where decor isn’t typically a priority, opt for simple but effective pieces and consider decor that can double as guest favours for people to take home with them (this also makes your tear-down and event clean-up easier!)


Chill.  Yes, it’s okay to take some time to focus on your ACTUAL job vs. your free-event-planning-tasks! Once your venue and vendors are booked, you’re good to put this on the back burner until a couple months pre-event.

Two months before the event, start re-connecting with your vendors to firm up the details and prepare an execution plan event day. Because you hired trustworthy, recommended vendors, they should know exactly what they need from you in order to execute. For yourself, determine if you will need to enlist other staff members to volunteer for setup, what time you need to be on-site, what you need to do during the event and tear-down. Draft a schedule for the day which should include all the important timeline, setup details and vendor contact information, just in case.

Events are full of details, decisions, confirmations, and so much more. Reach out if you have corporate event planning questions or need more information about Hamilton banquet venues that would be right for you!



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