Groom and Groomsmen Trends

Oh do we have a treat for you!! We know how fun it is to look for wedding dresses and ‘say yes to the dress’, but when it comes to groomsmen attire, it can be just as fun. Today, we’re talking groom and groomsmen trends for the upcoming wedding season. Here to give us the expert opinion is the always lovely Carla, from Charles & Hunt, a men’s styling and personal shopping service in Hamilton. Check out what she has to say about the wedding day apparel for the handsome men!

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This isn’t your father’s wedding suit…

Groom & Groomsmen Trends for 2017

I am the bearer of good news: the days of the stuffy, ill-fitting, wide-legged rental suit are over.

Gentlemen, you have choices! Now, more than ever before, you have a wider selection to choose from when it comes to colour, fabric, fit, and texture that you can pull off on the Big Day.

The bride and her ladies are going to have to share the spotlight because what’s trending in gentlemen’s wedding attire for 2017 will have the groom and his guys getting noticed.


The conventional black tux is taking a back seat. Of course, a tux may be appropriate for a more formal wedding and is always a timeless classic. But if you’re interested in something less predictable or a look that reflects your personality, why not rock some colour?

Blue is the new black. A royal blue for a spring/summer wedding or navy for fall/winter are great alternatives to the more traditional option.

Burgundy has become a popular accent colour in décor, florals, and bridesmaid dresses. This year, we’re seeing it in suiting as well. Bonus: this colour works well with virtually all skin tones so it’s an excellent choice for any groomsman.

Another unconventional colour for the dapper dudes is green. Whether it’s forest or emerald, green makes for a unique yet elegant suit choice, especially for fall.

If you want a traditional cut in a current colour, try a shawl-collar tuxedo in blue, burgundy, or green.

Pattern, Texture (or both) – done right.

Mixing prints, patterns, and textures can be a risky move but if you follow a few simple rules, you’ll be sure to stand out.

Make sure the fabrics and textures carry a similar weight – literally and visually. For example, mix a herringbone blazer with a tweed vest and velour bowtie in the colder months but avoid mixing these with any light or sheen fabrics like worsted wool, satin, or linen that you would typically wear in warmer weather.

You can mix patterns, like a window check and stripe, as long as they are in a similar colour family (like varying shades of blue or grey) or if the patterns are the same but different sizes (check on check).

Mismatching Suits

Another way to mix it up: have the gents in different suits.

We know suits can get quite pricey. By giving your guys the freedom to choose their own suit, they can spend as much as they’re comfortable with or wear something that they already have. This way they aren’t breaking the bank and they’re more likely to wear the suit again.

Important: make sure to keep consistency in colour, shirts and/or accessories in order to create somewhat of a unified look among the groomsmen.


Statement socks

Whether your guys are in matching or varying suits, a fun way to tie the looks of the groom and groomsmen together are by sporting some funky socks. Alternately, each guy can wear a different pair to reflect his personality. There are a lot of both subtle and statement options by Yo Sox and Hot Sox. Whether they like bacon, beer, or billiards, there’s a sock for any guy. Plus, this can be a fun and thoughtful gift to give your groomsmen.


Don’t forget… It’s all about the fit.

This is something that holds true with any and all menswear. The fit is one of, if not the most important thing when purchasing a suit. So on a day as important as your wedding, why opt for a poor fitting rental? A lot of grooms assume that renting is the cheapest option but you can buy a new suit for virtually the same price and I can guarantee it will be much more flattering.

So gentlemen, it’s your turn to step out and stand out on the Big Day.

Carla Criminisi is the founder and head stylist of Charles & Hunt, a men’s styling and personal shopping service in Hamilton. They cover any and all wardrobe needs, from casual to formal, wedding parties, and made-to-measure suiting. The C&H showroom is located in the Lister Block building, 28 James St N, Suite 114.


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Say YES to Colour!

February is full of love and considered engagement season #2 after the ever popular Christmas Holiday season! Today, we’re sharing some insider information about colored engagement rings from one of Hamilton’s top Jewellery Designer Laura Tedesco …
In recent years, the popularity for a less traditional engagement ring has grown in popularity. People are looking for something different, something unique, something non-conventional. And with this desire for uniqueness, the demand for beautiful gems such as sapphires, black diamonds, and rubies has grown as well. No longer do diamonds have to be the ‘go to’ for an engagement ring.  More and more couples are looking for alternatives to really show off their style, their personality and their individuality. There is a broad spectrum of colours and types of stones that can hold their Carat weight to any diamond.  So, before you default to yes for that diamond, check out some of your other options below … !!!
Black Diamonds
When we think of diamonds, we think: clear and colourless.  But the fact is that there are may different shades and colours, including BLACK. Black diamonds are the most popular colour of the coloured diamonds. This unique diamond is an absolute show-stopper!black diamond engagement ring black diamond halo engagement
When you think of a typical Sapphire, you probably thinking of its royal blue colour – like Princess Diana’s and now Kates.   But Sapphires, treated and untreated come in an array of colours and shades including the padparadscha (a pinkish orange variety),  lilac and green, just to name a few. Check out this beauty …
coloured engagement ring
When is comes to coloured gems and stones, the possibilities are endless. We have a few more unique pieces to show you that are bound to look great on YOU and really catch the eye!
emerald engagement ring
aquamarine engagement ring sapphire engagement ring
Make choosing the ring you will wear for a lifetime fun! Make it personal, make it unique and make sure it reflects YOU!
Thank you Laura for providing us with some great inspiration!!

Event Planner Service that starts with YOU

An event planner service that starts with YOU!
event planner


It takes hundreds of hours to plan and execute a major event.  If you’re adding the responsibility on top of your regular job, it can be overwhelming.  Often times, people who come to us aren’t entirely aware of what we do.  Though there are so many details involved in planning an event, such as budgeting, contract review and troubleshooting we’ve narrowed it down to 3 main benefits of hiring an event planner.

Quickly source vendors, items and venues.

Working with an event planner service means that you will be presented the best options based on the things that are important to you.  Your ultimately going to choose what is right for you based on those factors.  You can still focus on the fun stuff, the brainstorming, the discussions and the creative without being responsible for the admin work.

While you’re working, we’re working for you

Doing the legwork on client’s behalf is our thing.  Hiring the service means we keep your “to-do” list short and become accountable for your event.  When your done your regular job, your done because we are on top of the event.

1 Point Person

Planning any important event often means bringing in many independent people to work together for a common purpose.  Many times, these people are unfamiliar with your needs and each other.   Hiring an event planner service means that you explain your needs to 1 person, instead of several parties.  From there, the event planner will help all people involved become familiar with your needs as well as with the requirements of the job.



Want to learn more from JPE?  Contact Us Here.

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Add us to your team.



Photo by Ballad Photography

Event Venue: 3 Crucial Questions When Searching For Yours


When looking for your event venue…

There are important items that need to be taken into consideration.   Other than capacity, parking and accommodations, you’ll want to ask these 3 questions BEFORE booking your event venue.

Your venue is typically your largest expense. With that known, before you pull the trigger, it’s a good idea to find out answers to the following questions. With a better idea of the ins and outs of your potential venue, you will feel more comfortable about booking that large expense:

  1.  Pricing:  Is there a flat room rental fee? Do you bill by the hour or by the day? Are there discounts for certain dates or times? If I’m ordering food and beverage, is the room rental fee waived?
  2. How many events are taking place at the same time as mine?  Perhaps you want to be the only event on the scene that day.  If there is a second event, additional signage may need to be accounted for  to avoid confusion for your guests.
  3. Will I be working with the same person throughout my event planning? If not, when can I meet the person I will be working with and will it be the same person on the day of my event? In some venues, if the turnover of staff is high, there’s a reason for it so be mindful of this.

Once you pull the trigger on booking your event venue, there will be LOTS of details to work out. Typically, communication will cease for a bit until your event nears. That being said, for your planning purposes, it’s important to find out the answers to the questions below right after you book:

  1. What are my setup and tear-down times? Can I come in the day before to set up or sound check? Do I have to have everything removed that day or can I come back the next day?
  2. Can I be introduced to the individual who will be present at the venue on the day of my event?
  3. Can you send me sample floor plans of how previous clients set up the rooms?
  4. Is there anything else I should know about the space? For example, if there is a large section of the space with floor-to-ceiling windows, where does the sun rise and set? Will that affect my event and/or my photos?

Events and weddings are so much fun and we absolutely LOVE what we do! Monday to Friday we go on site visits, find new venues and experience new spaces on behalf of our clients. If it’s a venue you’re interested in, likely we’ve planned an event there and we have the inside scoop!  Have a question, Contact Us to ask.

We’re so happy to share some insider information about planning with you but for those of you who need some professional assistance, let us know!

The venue above is Sarcoa in Hamilton.  You can learn more about them here!



event venue

Engagement Photos

Over at JPE, we LOVE engagement photos and these engagement photos taken in Oakville definitely pull on our heart strings. Partly because we’ve know the couple for so long and partly because they remind us of a Royal Couple. Honestly, when I first saw these photos, I immediately thought these two looked like celebrities. It doesn’t get much better looking 😉

Photographer Steph Martyniuk from White Spruce Photographytagged along as these two took their adorable pup for a stroll through Bronte Park in Oakville. We’re big fans of the images for two reasons: 1. the environment and natural surroundings are stunning and 2. the simplicity of the backgrounds allow these two and their adorable interactions take center stage.

Congrats to Renee and Matt! Thanks for letting us share. We simply CANNOT WAIT for May 27 at The Burroughes!! Oh man :)

engagement photos
engagement photos
engagement photos
engagement photos
engagement photos

engagement photos
engagement photos
engagement photos


Photographer: White Spruce Photography
Location: Bronte Park Oakville
Bonus Info: The handsome groom is the owner of an incredible catering company Word of Mouth Catering. Check it out!