Out with the Old!

Yay!! It is finally here!!

The dark, homemade, start-up website is gone and the talented Ivonne Karamoy has created something JUST PERFECT for Jackie Penner Events!

Screenshot 2013-11-01 17.52.42

With the launch of JPE in early January and the fast paced start we had with three weddings just months away, there wasn’t too much time to focus on the website. I of course knew we needed a website, so decided to put something together on my own as a place for people to go to.  Although it was not the most impressive site on the market, it contained all of the relevant information potential clients needed to know: what we offer, what we specialize in, a baseline for pricing…you get it.  I focused on promoting JPE through exciting posts, beautiful pictures, and informative links on Facebook.  Ivonne was in the background designing what is now a stunning blog-based site for potential clients to find out more about JPE. This site will be active and inspiring.

So… I invite you to poke around, get to know JPE and, of course, let me know what you think!!

~ Jackie P