Inspiration for Your Upcoming Winter Wedding

Winter weddings truly are for brave couples! While we cannot control mother nature in the summer, in the winter, she poses many more threats: snow or ice storms, transportation issues, frigid temperatures, and so on! So, to all of you courageous couples getting married over the next few months in this unpredictable Canadian winter weather, we applaud you!

Here is some inspiration and tips we’ve learned from previous winter weddings we’ve had the privilege of being a part of! When you go with the flow on your wedding day, aren’t afraid of a little below freezing temp and ALWAYS have a back-up plan, the day will undoubtedly be epic!

Gorgeous Overcoats 

This stunning bride choose to stay warm during their first look and wore this STUNNING hooded shawl! (Bonus: Next week we’ll show you how great her bridesmaids looked in a gift from the bride the morning of the wedding!)

White Fur

This snowy-goddess-bride embraced the temperature, which, obviously paid off. Look at these photos!

More Fur and the BIGGEST Smile

Although it’s hard to tell, this was actually NYE! No snow on the ground, but it was frigin cold! These two enjoyed a bit of the outdoors before opting for the warmth of their back-up photo location!

Backup Location for Photos

With advice seasoned wedding professionals, these two had a unique, indoor back-up location for their photos!

A Venue with Indoor Photos Options Included

One of the biggest ice storms in Cambridge history didn’t stop these two from enjoying a beautiful wedding day! Thank goodness for the beauty of Cambridge Mill, these two were able to avoid the parking-lot-turned-skating-rink to ensure beautiful (and safe) photos!

Stay tuned for more winter wedding inspiration, but this time for your bridal party! You don’t want them cold and complaining 😉


Spring Wedding at The Burroughes, Toronto

The Burroughes weddingBetter late than never to show off wedding photos right?!

Especially when the couple is this cute, the bride’s dress it to die for and the bouquet is show-stopping! Not to mention the love that filled this entire day is evident in the photos captured by White Spruce Photography.

Now, before we show you the good stuff, we want to share a bit more about this wedding. Over here at JPE, we love when couples plan their wedding with their guests in mind. For these two gems, they hosted their ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner all at The Burroughes. Booking one location for your wedding offers the most relaxing experience for your guests, especially in an city such as Toronto. Guests arrive at the venue and stay put. They have to park/hail a cab/order an Uber just one time and they don’t have to worry about fighting traffic in between ceremony and reception.

Our favourite thing about The Burroughes was the rooftop patio! Being that the weather cooperated on this day, guests were invited upstairs after the ceremony for cocktails and appetizers. Did we mention the groom catered his own wedding?! Yep! Matt owns an incredible catering company, Word of Mouth Catering, and served his favourite people the MOST delicious apps followed by an incredible dinner.

Finally, when booking The Burroughes you should know that it’s basically a DIY venue. While they have one staff member on-site, it’s up to you to arrange the catering, the setup, the decor, the bar, and the tear-down. Insert mandatory planner here. But while there’s a lot to do yourself, clients have the option to bring in their own alcohol, which is a significant cost savings!

We won’t hold you up any longer! If you want more of the inside-scoop, feel free to connect and for now, enjoy the beauty of this wedding lovelies!

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You two make my heart skip a beat! Love reliving this magical day! xoxo


Venue: The Burroughes
Photography: White Spruce Photography
Flowers: Mint & Magnolia
Catering: Word of Mouth Catering
Dress: Becker’s Bridal
Makeup: Hutch Luxury Hair & Makeup
Hair: Studio 11 Stylist






Spring | Simple and Elegant

Wedding Traditions Guests Could Go Without

Weddings are FULL of traditions. Some traditions are timeless, others are a fad. How do you decipher between the good, the memorable and the ‘really, we have to do that?’ Ultimately, what traditions you include in your wedding day is a completely personal decision for you and your partner. Your wedding day should reflect you two and you two only (granted you’ll likely throw some things in for the moms, dads, etc. to make them happy but that’s another story).

Today, we’re sharing with you guests opinions on wedding traditions. This is not to say EVERY guest feels the same way, but after the past decade, we’ve heard our fair share of feedback.

Below are some of the wedding traditions that your guests are quite okay saying goodbye to …

1. The Guest Book

Believe it or not, guests rarely notice when this part of the receiving table is missing. When they don’t have to stop and write the same thing as everyone else in a book, on a tree, etc., they simply do not even remember it’s a thing.

2. Waiting for a Drink until the Cocktail Reception

These days, couples are choosing to serve their guests a pre-ceremony drink, and it’s a FANTASTIC idea. Whether alcoholic or non, guests LOVE being greeted pre-ceremony with a beverage!

3. Bridal Party Entrances

Guests definitely want to cheer and welcome the couple into the reception! But not everyone knows the bridal party. Foregoing introducing each bridesmaid and groomsmen is something guests do not miss.

4. Bouquet and Garter Toss

Enough said.

5. Cutting the Cake

Similar to the guest book, guests do not seem to notice missing watching the couple cut the cake. With this said, they look to ooh and aw over the beautiful cakes but actually watching the couple cut into it, they don’t seem to have the same feelings!

Take time to think about what traditions feel right including in your day. The ones that feel like you’re doing because you have to, consider cutting out. Personalize your day as much as possible so that you and your soon-to-be can enjoy each and every moment. You’ve heard it before but the day really does fly by!

Have fun!

Easy Wedding Planning Tasks for Your Partner

Whether you’ve been engaged for 1 month or 8, you’re not alone if you feel like your partner isn’t helping much with the wedding planning. Typically, the majority of the wedding planning tasks fall on the shoulders of one person.

While there are items we recommend are MUST DO’s together, today, we’re giving you 3 tasks to delegate to your partner.  Handing off these tasks won’t hold you up from the countless other to-do’s on the list and *hopefully* they will do them without too much complaining!

Here we go …

1. Physically Mail the Invitations
Give them the invitations a week earlier than you’d actually like them mailed, just in case.

2. Pick the Late Night Food 
Provide them with 2-3 options from the menu and let them make the final decision.

3. Choose the Booze
Give them the package options from the venue and ask them to review. Ask them to specifically review the variety and type of alcohol being served and allow them to choose – Grey Goose or Titos?  Coors Light or Bud Light? You get it!

Bonus Wedding Planning tasks to consider handing off:

Contacting the venues you are interested in to book tours
Keeping track of wedding payments (ie: calendar when deposits and final payments are due)
Buying gifts for parents

The entire wedding planning process, albeit stressful and a lot of work, is also a lot of fun! Do some things together, delegate where you can and do your best to enjoy it all!

Good luck!

wedding planning tasks

Planning a Hamilton Tradeshow?

Planning, producing and executing a professional trade-show is a job all its own.  And if your company is considering planning a GTA or Hamilton tradeshow, you’ve stumbled upon the right site.

Hamilton tradeshow

We’re going to give you some insider information for your GTA and Hamilton Tradeshow …

There are countless reasons to plan a tradeshow and you must be very clear and confident about the reasons you are planning one.  Tradeshow planning takes an entire team.  It takes a tremendous amount of work, insight, hours of attention, and more.  At JP Events, we suggest you take the time to make sure you are crystal clear on your goals before you begin planning.  Ask yourself some questions..

Are you building brand loyalty?  Are you introducing a new product, service, or technology?  Are you planning a tradeshow in order to sell product, connect suppliers or promote your industry?  

We recently worked with Gerrie Electric to celebrate 60 successful years in business by planning and executing two consumer trade-shows. Through Gerrie’s excellent vendor service and attention to detail in customer acquisition, the trade-shows were a huge success, for a variety of reasons.

In addition to on-site event management, JP Events took on venue procurement and negotiations, which included working with a variety of partners, including Hahn Rentals.

Quick shout out to Hahn Rentals. From the start to finish, the service Hahn Rentals provided was, well…incredible. Running a service-based business, you can trust we notice this sort of thing. If you’re looking for a trade-show rental supplier in Hamilton or the surrounding area, go see Hahn Rentals first.

Picking The Right Tradeshow Venue

Depending on the size of your tradeshow, procuring a venue can be tricky.  Parking, accommodations, load-in, and capacity are just a few of the key items that need to be assessed.  In the Hamilton-Burlington area, the option for venues for large tradeshows is slim and sometimes you need to get creative.  Since options are limited, pricing and terms could be unfavorable to your organization. This is something a seasoned event planner will be able to spot for you immediately.

Through our years of experience, we have also found that when working with venues, the salesperson is not necessarily the planning assistant OR the on-site manager at the event. We bring this up because when you are working with 1-2, and in some cases 4-5, sales-people/coordinators, the planning process can be very convoluted. Consistent and accurate information is affected, communication and details become lost in translation, which often leads items to fall through the cracks.

This scenario is more common when working with larger venues, which is why the experience of a dedicated event planner working consistently with you throughout the planning of a tradeshow in Hamilton or the GTA is vital to success. The difference between a good tradeshow and a GREAT tradeshow is working with someone who knows what a tradeshow planning timeline looks like and someone who has the foresight to anticipate and problem solve through venue challenges.



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