Backyard Party: Things to think about ….

backyard partybackyard partybackyard partybackyard party

Thinking about hosting a backyard party on your property? There are some things to consider before transforming your home into an event venue.

There is a common perspective that a backyard party is cheaper than using a traditional venue or restaurant. While this is sometimes true (when you are DIYing EVERYTHING), a backyard party will cost a significant amount of time.  Yes, a venue may have higher rental and food & beverage costs than your backyard & living room, but eliminating that cost won’t always cut your total budget.

Here are a few things to think about before pulling the trigger on a DIY, backyard party:

1. Furniture // Tables // Chairs

When you book at a venue, these things are included in the space. With a backyard party, these items now need to be sourced, rented, set up and taken down. Alternatively, you can use whatever tables and chairs you already own, but that will depend on the type of party you are throwing. A wedding, special birthday or anniversary celebration likely deserves an elevated aesthetic.

2. Shelter

Tents are a large ticket item that, again, need to be sourced, rented, set up and taken down. Unless you are comfortable with the inclement weather plan being inside your home, a tent is an added expense we strongly suggest including in the budget for a backyard event. With a venue, that is the shelter for your guests~ Tent sizes, styles, quality and costs range significantly and should be a MUST if you want to turn your property into an event venue. Tents increase the intimacy of the event and ensure guests are sheltered from whatever the unpredictable mother nature has for us!

3. Decor

This is a matter of personal taste and preference. Some venues need A TON of decor and others need very minimal. Some back yards are beautifully landscaped, others need some help and added distractions 😉

4. AV

Oh yes, AV, add that to the list to be sourced, rented, and arranged and add another line item on the budget.


Although this post sounds like we may not be fans of backyard events, it is actually quite the OPPOSITE. We’ve had the pleasure of turning many private properties and personal homes into incredible ‘event venues’ for guests.  A backyard party is labor intensive and that’s where we come in.  We provide people with service options to fit their vision and budget for their backyard party.  You can throw an epic celebration in the comfort of your own property, without having to become a full-time event planner yourself!

To throw an epic backyard party your friends will talk about for seasons to come, get in touch! The time you will save using a professional will far exceed the cost to hire one.


backyard party

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