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Office Manager Turned Corporate Event Planner- Hamilton Banquet

No, You will not be compensated to plan the next corporate event or find a Hamilton banquet venue. Yes, they will expect it done professionally and effectively. Congratulations! You’ve been tasked with planning and/or sourcing a Hamilton banquet venue for the upcoming Hamilton banquet event. You are now the office ‘ corporate event planner ‘ for… Read more »

Groom and Groomsmen Trends

Oh do we have a treat for you!! We know how fun it is to look for wedding dresses and ‘say yes to the dress’, but when it comes to groomsmen attire, it can be just as fun. Today, we’re talking groom and groomsmen trends for the upcoming wedding season. Here to give us the… Read more »

Say YES to Colour!

February is full of love and considered engagement season #2 after the ever popular Christmas Holiday season! Today, we’re sharing some insider information about colored engagement rings from one of Hamilton’s top Jewellery Designer Laura Tedesco … SAY “I DO” WITH COLOUR In recent years, the popularity for a less traditional engagement ring has grown… Read more »

Event Planner Service that starts with YOU

An event planner service that starts with YOU!   It takes hundreds of hours to plan and execute a major event.  If you’re adding the responsibility on top of your regular job, it can be overwhelming.  Often times, people who come to us aren’t entirely aware of what we do.  Though there are so many… Read more »

Event Venue: 3 Crucial Questions When Searching For Yours

When looking for your event venue… There are important items that need to be taken into consideration.   Other than capacity, parking and accommodations, you’ll want to ask these 3 questions BEFORE booking your event venue. Your venue is typically your largest expense. With that known, before you pull the trigger, it’s a good idea to… Read more »