Say YES to Colour!

February is full of love and considered engagement season #2 after the ever popular Christmas Holiday season! Today, we’re sharing some insider information about colored engagement rings from one of Hamilton’s top Jewellery Designer Laura Tedesco …
In recent years, the popularity for a less traditional engagement ring has grown in popularity. People are looking for something different, something unique, something non-conventional. And with this desire for uniqueness, the demand for beautiful gems such as sapphires, black diamonds, and rubies has grown as well. No longer do diamonds have to be the ‘go to’ for an engagement ring.  More and more couples are looking for alternatives to really show off their style, their personality and their individuality. There is a broad spectrum of colours and types of stones that can hold their Carat weight to any diamond.  So, before you default to yes for that diamond, check out some of your other options below … !!!
Black Diamonds
When we think of diamonds, we think: clear and colourless.  But the fact is that there are may different shades and colours, including BLACK. Black diamonds are the most popular colour of the coloured diamonds. This unique diamond is an absolute show-stopper!black diamond engagement ring black diamond halo engagement
When you think of a typical Sapphire, you probably thinking of its royal blue colour – like Princess Diana’s and now Kates.   But Sapphires, treated and untreated come in an array of colours and shades including the padparadscha (a pinkish orange variety),  lilac and green, just to name a few. Check out this beauty …
coloured engagement ring
When is comes to coloured gems and stones, the possibilities are endless. We have a few more unique pieces to show you that are bound to look great on YOU and really catch the eye!
emerald engagement ring
aquamarine engagement ring sapphire engagement ring
Make choosing the ring you will wear for a lifetime fun! Make it personal, make it unique and make sure it reflects YOU!
Thank you Laura for providing us with some great inspiration!!

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