Mark Your Calendars!

It’s that time of year everyone… Wedding Show Season! Yay!!

Well, if you’re on social media, I can almost guarantee you know someone who got engaged over the holidays! As we close out ‘engagement-season’, it’s time to start getting inspired and begin to think about the planning.  Mark your calendars for the many wedding shows that are taking place in and around the GTA this month. Whether it’s you who is newly engaged (CONGRATS!) or perhaps one of your friends just said yes, kick start your year with a fun outing with your favourite ladies.

Below is a list of local wedding shows to check out throughout the month of January. Grab a girlfriend, a treat from Starbucks, and comfortable shoes and head to any one of these amazing shows. You will not be disappointed!Wedding Show Fun!

♥  The Rings Bridal Expo ~Saturday, January 3 – Sunday, January 4

♥  Canadas Bridal Show ~ Friday, January 9  - Sunday, January 11

♥  The WedLuxe Wedding Show ~ Sunday, January 11 (**Fun note: there was actually a section for groom’s at this show last year, so if you’re convincing your fiance to go with you, I’d suggest going to this one!)

♥  Hamilton/Halton Wedding Show ~ Saturday, January 10 & Sunday, January 11

♥  London Winter Bridal Show ~ Saturday, January 17 – Sunday, January 18

♥  the Total Wedding Show ~ Friday, January 16 – Sunday, January 18

♥  National Bridal Show ~ Friday, January 23 – Sunday, January 25

♥  Burlington/Oakville Bridal Show ~ Saturday, January 24 – Sunday, January 25

If you need some help figuring out which shows will be best for you, feel free to contact me at Being that I’ve been to all the shows in the past (yes you read correctly, but are you surprised?), I can give you a GREAT idea of what to expect at each and which would be a great fit for you.

Let me know which one(s) you attend and what you think!

Have fun lovelies!

~  JP


Lauren & Ben – White, Winter Wedding Bliss

As we approach the winter wedding season, I am excited to share some truly timeless images from a beautiful wedding which closed 2013 for JPE.  This wedding was very near and dear to my heart.  The last wedding of the 2013 wedding season, I had the privilege of helping one of my oldest friends marry her best friend. Lauren and I have known each other since as long as I can remember. Our mothers are best friends and we grew up living in houses behind one another.  It was a complete honour when she asked that I assist her during the planning stages of her wedding. Lauren is extremely smart, passionate, kind-hearted and loving. It was no surprise that she found a life-partner in Ben who compliments her so well. Ben is also extremely smart, laid-back, thoughtful with a great sense of humor. The two share a love of cats, an clean house (well maybe this is more Ben), and spending evenings at their Cambridge home enjoying homemade meals and each other.

Lauren and Ben were married at the beautiful Cambridge Mill on Saturday, December 21, 2013.  Although it was the heart of the Christmas season, Lauren and Ben wanted to ensure their wedding was more elegant and timeless rather than red and green. The sophisticated Christmas decor at the Cambridge Mill complimented Lauren’s vision perfectly. The Christmas tress were covered with silver ornaments and the fireplace mantel was beautifully decorated with candles and green garland.

I will let the photos captured by Bassem Photography do the rest of the talking….

1554371_699391093433941_1634379102_n 12.21.13-0156 12.21.13-0125 12.21.13-0229  12.21.13-0141 545935_699391323433918_2098907479_n 1620642_699390740100643_806755677_n 12078_699391103433940_368825292_n  1601478_699391873433863_2095650395_n 1623381_699391726767211_1672310274_n 1536497_699393080100409_52047990_n 1604964_699392326767151_564868145_n

Lauren and Ben, thank you for allowing me to be a part in your special day! You two are incredibly generous and loving and I know there is only happiness and joy in your future together!

To see more of this lovely wedding which was featured on the amazing Canadian wedding inspiration blog, Wedding Obsession, click the link below. Thank you Melissa for showcasing what an elegant and timeless wedding this truly was!



~ JP

Venue: The Cambridge Mill
Photography: Bassem Photography
Band: Itchy Scratchy Band
Flowers: Friend of the Mother-of-the-Groom
Seating Chart: Oakville Paper
Money Box: Homemade by bride’s friend
Partial Planning & Day-of Coordination: JPE

An Unforgettable Tea Party for Ana

A couple months ago I had one of the most rewarding and honouring experiences of my event coordinating career thus far. While it is clear I have a passion for weddings, the emotions I felt for this event were overwhelming! It was a genuine and surreal experience, a true honour and privilege to be a part of.

TeaCelebration_Invitation-PostCard (2)

Back in May, I was approached by a beautiful woman, both inside and out, to help bring one of  her sisters’ dreams to reality. Though the family was going through quite a hardship, an ill sister wanted to celebrate her birthday.  Ana, turning a young 52 years old was in an extremely devastating battle with cancer.  Her birthday was only one month away and she wanted to celebrate by hosting a tea party with the closest women in her life.  As a successful and busy professional with 3 children, one of Ana’s younger sisters approached me to assist in bringing Ana’s wish to reality.

Although the tea party was for a small group, 12 women, we only had one month to plan.  I knew this celebration required only the best of the best to pull it off to perfection. This tea party was ALL about the details (a dream for me because I LOVE details!).  After getting to know a bit more about Ana through her sister, I put together an event decor and design proposal. Must haves included lots of wild flowers (Ana loved to garden!), soft colours (to ensure a relaxed atmosphere), dainty and delicious food, and the special women closest to Ana’s heart.

The Food

Holly and Jordan, owners of Tastes by Taylor Catering, were a dream to work with. Holly designed a menu beyond my imagination, suited absolutely perfect for the tea-party theme. Their endearing teamwork, professional service, and remarkable food presentation ensured guests were pleasantly full after each course. Thank you to Leslie for the beautiful design of the menu stationary!

TeaCelebration_Menu-ForPrint (2)

Doesn’t it sound delicious?!


The Decor

After falling in love with Special Event Rentals authentic barn wood harvest tables, I knew they would be perfect for this event. Paired with the matching walnut folding chairs, a custom made doily runner by yours truly, and stunning fresh florals by La Fiora, the final product was stunning! Added details included an ‘Art of Sewing’ antique book from 1988, small hand-made signage honouring Ana’s presence, white rocks featuring inspirational words, and an antique butter dish.  These elements fit the event design just perfect!

The dessert table was adorned with an antique white lace table cloth, glass jars with ‘sweet-tea’ and ice-water, and a variety of delightful treats. Gracing the dessert table was more fresh flowers, milk glass cake stands, and a custom framed sign remembering the amazing person Ana represents to all of these women. Beside the dessert table sat a small antique table. This table was for Ana. A chair with Ana’s photo, a hand-painted ‘A’ and a bouquet in her honour rested on this table.

Finally, we could not let the attendees leave empty handed. Each of the lovely ladies were gifted a unique tea-cup and saucer to remember the day, along with a delicious personalized cookie from The Baking Twins. As the celebration came to a close, we hand-tied all of the flowers into bouquets for each guest to take and lay rest with Ana. She was very much part of this event and it was only fitting to bring some of the event to her.

This was an extremely emotional experience and I cannot say enough how honoured I am to have been a part of it.  It was a heart-warming memorial for a woman who was obviously loved and cherished by her amazing family. I will forever treasure the privilege of planning this celebration for a family who is filled with so much love, support and kindness. Thank you Violet for asking me to be a part of this incredible celebration of life.

Head over to the JPE Facebook Page for ALL of the photos!

With love,

~ Jackie P.


Event Design: JPE
Flowers: La Fiora
Catering: Tastes by Taylor
Invitation & Menu Design: Leslie Babin
Harvest Tables & Walnut Chairs: Special Event Rentals
Custom Doily Runner: JPE
Personalized Guest Favour Cookies: The Baking Twins
Memorial Table: JPE
Additional Rentals: JPE


Kass & Matt – March 8, 2014

The 2014 wedding season was kicked off with a stellar couple! Kassandra and Matt started dating while they were both at Brock University. Matt, the hockey player, and Kass, the cheerleader, these two undoubtedly stopped bystanders in their tracks when they walked around campus together – they are absolutely stunning!  It’s impossible not to feel the deep love these two have for one another whenever they are together. Kass’s positive enthusiasm, cheerfulness and easy-going nature compliments Matt’s calm, wit and confidence just perfectly. Not to mention these two have gorgeous smiles that will make your heart melt!

Kass being the organized, energetic teacher she is, didn’t need a ton of help while planning their big day. And where she lacked in time to DIY, her incredibly talented sister & MOH, Kourtney far exceeded any of her expectations. Throughout the planning process, Kass entrusted JPE to guide and direct her with the many decor decisions she had to make.  Onsite, JPE took care of the backdrop and head table styling and decor.  Kass has expensive taste for decor so it was all hands on deck to ensure she got the look she wanted, at an appropriate price.  The result = truly breathtaking. Elegance at its max and a timeless wedding look she can admire for years and years. My favourite moment of the day was watching her and Matt’s first look of the room; I will cherish that moment always.

Now see for yourself what a truly magical day this was, all of it captured by Brian Reilly Photography…

Kass & Matt_006 Kass & Matt_010 Kass & Matt_044 Kass & Matt_026 Kass & Matt_029 Kass & Matt_031 Kass & Matt_050 Kass & Matt_090 Kass & Matt_109 Kass & Matt_076 Kass & Matt_074 Kass & Matt_072 Kass & Matt_079 Kass & Matt_115 Kass & Matt_140 Kass & Matt_116 Kass & Matt_117 Kass & Matt_125 Kass & Matt_130 Kass & Matt_135Kass & Matt_128 Kass & Matt_166 Kass & Matt_194 Kass & Matt_190 Kass & Matt_189 Kass & Matt_218 Kass & Matt_219 Kass & Matt_229 Kass & Matt_419 Kass & Matt_425 Kass & Matt_490 Kass & Matt_315 Kass & Matt_319 Kass & Matt_331 Kass & Matt_515 Kass & Matt_479 Kass & Matt_536 Kass & Matt_552 Kass & Matt_565   Kass & Matt_603 Kass & Matt_605 Kass & Matt_607 Kass & Matt_606 Kass & Matt_595 Kass & Matt_597 Kass & Matt_609 Kass & Matt_610 Kass & Matt_611 Kass & Matt_602 Kass & Matt_589 Kass & Matt_590 Kass & Matt_591 Kass & Matt_593 Kass & Matt_729 Kass & Matt_726 Kass & Matt_732 Kass & Matt_736 Kass & Matt_740 Kass & Matt_752 Kass & Matt_751 Kass & Matt_756 Kass & Matt_667 Kass & Matt_674 Kass & Matt_639 Kass & Matt_655 Kass & Matt_640  Kass & Matt_645 Kass & Matt_643 Kass & Matt_761 Kass & Matt_760 Kass & Matt_645 Kass & Matt_649 Kass & Matt_650 Kass & Matt_658 Kass & Matt_665 Kass & Matt_664 Kass & Matt_666


Kass & Matt – I cannot say enough how much I truly love you both. Your wedding day is definitely one for the books and I will forever treasure being a part of it! Thank you.

Kass & Matt_463 Kass & Matt_465


~ JP

Head Table Decor & Styling: JPE
Photography: Brian Reilly Photography
Venue: Bellagio, Vaughan
Furniture Rentals: Divine Furniture Rentals


Engagement Photos ♥ To do or not to do?

This is a topic that comes up in many of my initial consultations with clients – engagement photos.  Frequently, couples will ask whether or not they need to have engagement photos taken and how to prepare for them.  Years ago the idea of engagement photos had a negative stigma around them: they are ‘corny’, people don’t know what to do with the photos, couples don’t see the point in bothering with them. If you happen to still feel this way, well this is my attempt to change your mind….
Kassandra & Matt_6 copy love-madly-best-wedding-photography-torontouse4 Kassandra & Matt_13 copy

I advise my clients that engagements photos are a MUST. Even if you have no intention of using the photos, other than posting them to Facebook, you still need to have them done. While yes you have been in countless photos taken by our friends iphones or your mom’s digital camera, a professional photography session is absolutely not the same. Below are a few of the reasons why you should’t skip the engagement photos:

♥  You’re not used to being in front of a camera, so one of the biggest days of your life should not be the first time. Wedding pictures are the photos you will obsessively look at, brag with, post everywhere, and use a reminder of the best day ever.  Practice makes perfect, so using the engagement session as your practice is the only way to ensure your wedding day photos will be perfect!

♥  Take advantage of a unique, and likely new, experience you have with your partner. Relish in doing something new together, look forward to dressing up, embrace the undivided attention you will give to one another, and take pleasure in all of the touching and kissing that comes along with engagement sessions. Now how can you say no to that?

♥  It is absolutely critical to become familiar and get comfortable with your photographer before the big day and vise versa.  Your photographer is capturing memories and moments of the most important day of your lives thus far. You will want to relive these moments through your photos and you will want to look your best.

♥  It’s likely included in your photography package, so just do it!

If you don’t believe me, hear it from the professionals.  I reached out to my good friend and extremely talented photographer, Brian Reilly.  With the number of engagement sessions under his belt, this guy is a well of information you can trust. Brian outlined his top 3 tips below.

Tip #1: Approach it like a dress rehearsal for your Big Day. You won’t go on Broadway without a dress rehearsal right?  So relax and build a relationship with your photographer. Let him/her understand who you are as couple, how you relate to each other and learn what works for you and what doesn’t.
Tip #2: Be yourselves! Ladies, I know you want to spit shine your man and get him all cleaned up but I always suggest (males and females) wear what you always wear (what your friends and family know you in) because A) it’s tough enough to get him excited about the photos; and B) you’ll feel more comfortable and in a better mood to enjoy the experience. This should be FUN!
Tip #3: Critique your engagement photos. What do you like and what don’t you like? If you approach it like a dress rehearsal you will want to tweak things in preparation for the big day. Share these thoughts with your photographer. He or she wants to deliver the best images possible, so give them as much feedback as possible.
Kassandra & Matt_18 copy use3

I also asked real brides to share their experiences with engagement photos…

“Our engagement shoot was definitely one of the highlights of our time as an engaged couple!!!  The location of the shoot was really special to us, a familiar hangout where my fiance proposed. A few weeks prior to the shoot we brainstormed about what we would wear and decided that we wanted to have a couple of different looks for the shoot. One in our usual “strolling at Lowville Park” gear and the other a chance to get a little bit dolled up. Going into it, I was a bit nervous because I tend to feel awkward and self critical in photos, but our photographer put us completely at ease. To our surprise, it was actually such a romantic experience!  Spending a couple of hours staring into your fiance’s eyes, reminiscing about the proposal, and dreaming about the future … I mean… swoon!!!! I am now excited about the photos on the big day because I feel comfortable with our photographer and confident in how the photos will turn out. I would 100% recommend EVERY couple to have an engagement photo session.” Bride-to-be, December 2014.

“Without an engagement photo session, I think it’s really hard to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. Having the engagement session really put us at ease on our wedding day. Our photographer talked to us about body position, helped us find which “side” we look best on, (because let’s be serious, we all have a side), and was really great.  When it came to outfits, I knew I wanted to wear a summer dress, something fun and flowy, not to formal. I do wish however that I had a second outfit, something more relaxed to show another side of us.  Since I knew pictures weren’t my fiance’s thing, I wanted to make sure he was relaxed. He is most comfortable in shorts and nice top (and looks handsome in anything) so we rolled with that. On the wedding day, taking photos in front of your bridal party could have made us feel awkward but after the engagement session it didn’t bother us at all. Our fears and anxiety were gone and we were able to act more natural. I think the biggest thing with engagement sessions is to make sure you do what compliments you.  Have fun with it and just be who you are as a couple. That is when the photos turn out the best!” Bride, March 2014

So, are you convinced yet?

For engagement photo inspiration, check out the pinterest boards below!

~ Jackie P.
use1 love-madly-best-wedding-cinematography-torontoKassandra & Matt_25 copy use2


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Featured photos from Brian Reilly Photography & Love Madly 

Joanna & Dennis featured on Style Me Pretty

I am FINALLY able to share the gorgeous-ness of Joanna and Dennis’s wedding last August 4, 2013!  As anxious and excited as I was, I knew the wait would be worth it! Jo & Den’s wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty on April 17th (which just happens to be my birthday – how perfect right?!). Working with some of the best-of-the-best in the wedding industry was an incredible experience. Thank you to ALL of the vendors who helped put this elegant, romantic, and timeless wedding together! I know these two experienced a wedding day beyond their wildest dreams!
Let the swooning begin…
Wedding-255 Wedding-9Wedding-148 Wedding-159 Wedding-213Wedding-47 Wedding-31Wedding-105 Wedding-200Wedding-251 Wedding-332Wedding-301Wedding-439 Wedding-501Wedding-537Wedding-687 Wedding-678Wedding-816 Wedding-800fb 1Wedding-1035 Wedding-1292Wedding-1055 Wedding-1281Wedding-1344

For more gorgeous photos and two amazing videos of this affair, click on the Style Me Pretty button below!

♥  JP

As Seen on Style Me Pretty

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| Romantic